Minna-Leena Lahti cv

Minna-Leena Lahti

Minna-Leena Lahti is a lyric dramatic soprano from Kokkola. She has graduated from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in 2012 as a church musician, with singing as her main subject. After graduation she has continued her singing studies first at Metropolia in Helsinki and then at Centria in Kokkola. She will graduate as a singing teacher during the year 2017. Her teachers in song have been tenor Raimo Niemikorpi and soprano Anitta Ranta. Lahti has sung in a choir in many operas and also performed in great works of church music and is currently improving her skills as a soloist. She will become an opera singer, one way or the other. She lives with her husband and her two children in a green house in Kokkola.