Johanna Lehesvuori cv

Johanna Lehesvuori

Johanna Lehesvuori, soprano, is one of the most expressive voices of her generation. She graduated with a Master’s of Music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her vocal performances range from several opera and lied concerts to church recitals (i.e. numerous solo concerts, and also as a soloist for choirs and to orchestras). Moreover, she has performed in several Finnish opera- and musical theater productions since 2006.  Johanna also works as a freelance musician and as a singing teacher in the Helsinki area.

“Johanna Lehesvuori practically suprised me with her fresh and beautiful lyric soprano, combined with her advanced technical skills.”

Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsingin sanomat 6.9.2014 (Cimarosa; Il matrimonio segreto. Johanna made the role Carolina)

”Johanna Lehesvuori´s coloratura singing was breathtaking.”

Hufvudstadsbladet, after the Helsinki Lied Competition 2015, where Lehesvuori and pianist, Jenna Ristilä, competed in the final round.