Iris Hernández Toppari cv

Iris Hernández Toppari

Iris Hernández Toppari is a 21 year old soprano who studies classical singing in the Sibelius  Academy in Annika Ollinkari’s class. She has graduated from he Sibelius high school’s music department. In Sibelius Academy she has participated in Soile Isokoski’s masterclass and productions such as the “Sondheim!” musical, sung in the choir of opera class’ W.A Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” and sung the role of the 2nd woman in a concert version of the “Magic Flute” in a co-production with the conducting class and the classical singing department.

In the spring of 2016 Hernández Toppari received a scholarship from the Sibelius Academy for the  Saltvik sjunger och lär -masterclass. In the masterclass she was taught by opera singer Kirsi Tiihonen and Correpetitor Kristian Attila.