West Coast Kokkola Opera is a part of the official program for the Prime Minister’s office’s centenary of independence -celebration, Finland 100, with G. Meyerbeer: L´etoile du Nord / Pohjantähti, Polstjärnan, composed 1856. The events take place partly in Finland. FINNISH PREMIERE

The Production is performed during Kokkola Opera Summer 20.7. & 21.7. and at Helsinki music Centre 11.11.2017. Orchestra: The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Sakari Oramo.”

Conductor: Sakari Oramo
Director: Maria Sid
Images: Juha Mustanoja, Rasmus Vuori
Chorcography: Marko Keränen
Lightning Design: Joonas Tikkanen
Costumes: Noora Salmi
The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, Kammarorkester

Tickets: Offer for groups (minimum 10 people)

49€ Normal, group

(Normal prices 55€, 45€, 25€)
School students aged 7-19 years free, this offer is permanent!

Lipputoimisto.fi and groups 040 032 9425

A short cut in rehearsal of L'etoile du Nord: finns rebelling in the woods of Carelia and singing "God, protect Sweden" and " We shall drink to Finland". What a wonderful opera by Meyerbeer!

Chloe Dufresne conducting a rehearsal with the Meyerbeer-choir/ Kokkolan Oopperakesä/ Karleby Opera sommar, A cut of a scene in L'etoile du Nord-finish soldiers rebelling in the army of russian Tsar.

Fabulous Meyerbeer Choir has started L'etoile du Nord , a wonderful week with Choir Master Chloe Dufresne, pianist Pia Värri and conductor Sakari Oramo, Merci! Shows go on: -20.7. & 21.7. Kokkola Kampushalli/lipputoimisto.fi,0400-329425 -11.11. Helsinki Musiikkitalo/Musiikkitalo/ Ticketmaster.fi