West Coast Kokkola Opera is a part of the official program for the Prime Minister’s office’s centenary of independence -celebration, Finland 100, with G. Meyerbeer: L´etoile du Nord / Pohjantähti, Polstjärnan, composed 1856. The events take place partly in Finland. FINNISH PREMIERE

The Production is performed during Kokkola Opera Summer 20.7. & 21.7. and at Helsinki music Centre 11.11.2017. Orchestra: The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Sakari Oramo.”


Operatime.ru/ R.Rudnitski, kritiikki Moskovasta
"Severnaja Zvezda" , Meyerbeer:Pohjantähti, esitys Musiikkitalossa 11.11. 2017, suomenkielinen käännös Helena Autio-Meloni

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